Vaccinations are an essential part of your horse’s health, whether they are for a competition horse or a family companion. It is recommended that they are kept up to date to provide continuous immunity, and to comply with pony club, riding club, British eventing, British dressage, BSJA and many other regulatory authority rulings, including the BHA and FEI.

Vaccinations protect your horse against life threatening diseases such as tetanus and diseases that can severely affect its health and performance, such as equine influenza and herpes virus infection.

Horses can be vaccinated against influenza from six months of age, and an initial course must be completed before annual boosters are required.

We operate a text reminder service, whereby a text is sent to the first mobile number registered on the client’s contact list.

Our system is not infallible and it is possible that we have an incorrect or a previous groom’s number on our system. The message may not be delivered if the mobile is switched off or out of service at the time the reminders are sent.

We accept no responsibility for missed vaccinations. It is ultimately the owner’s responsibility to ensure that vaccinations are done at the correct time, so please put the next date in your diary as soon as a vaccination is done.

Whatever your concerns, give us a call. We are happy to talk to you about vaccinating your horse or read more on our Equine Fact Sheets linked below.