Internal Medicine

Our Equine Internal medicine service is led by Dr Tim Brazil a European and Royal College of Veterinary Surgeon recognised Specialist in Equine Internal Medicine.

Equine internal medicine deals with many of the internal organs of the horse; the most obvious and common being gastro-intestinal diseases (e.g. colic and diarrhoea) and respiratory tract diseases (e.g.coughing, breathing difficulty and pneumonia). Also we regularly deal with heart, neurological, eye, skin and endocrine or hormonal problems as well as neoplasia or cancer of the skin and internal organs.

A large amount of medical investigation and treatment is performed at our client’s own premises particularly for stud stock, horses in training and sport horses. Many of our vets are very experienced in certain specialised areas of interest such as foal medicine, respiratory disease in horses in training, infectious disease (e.g. Strangles) control and parasite control on intensively managed farms.

Every year a substantial number of our patients receive emergency and critical care at Bourton Vale Equine Clinic including medical and post-operative colic cases, foals and adults with diarrhoea and cases of pneumonia and pleurisy

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