Being able to take ultrasound images of your horse onsite is invaluable and at Bourton Vale Equine Clinic the vets have several mobile ultrasound scanners at their disposal.

Ultrasound allows us to look at soft tissue structures.

We use it for scanning ligament and tendon injuries and areas of concern relating to joints and muscles.  It is  invaluable not only in confirming these types of injuries but also in allowing us to monitor their healing and to form rest and rehabilitation plans. 

Ultrasound is used to evaluate brood mares’ reproductive cycles, pregnancy detection and twinning and to help detect abscesses, cysts or tumours in the abdomen. It can also be used to further examine soft tissue swellings as well as in examining the heart.

Ultra sound along with x-raying is also used to help in joint injections to make sure the needle is put into the correct area.

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