Routine Visits

Routine visits with BVEC can be booked in advance for our vets to perform a wide range of services from vaccinations, microchipping, basic dentistry and health checks to lameness investigations and diagnostic techniques such as radiography, ultrasound, endoscopy and gastroscopy.

Routine visits can be booked in advance to take place between 8.30 and 17.30 Monday to Friday.

Due to the nature of the work we cannot always guarantee an exact time that the vet will be with you. However, we will try our best to accommodate any time constraints you may have and will contact you on the day in advance of the visit with a more accurate time.

If you have transport and it is easier or cheaper for you to bring your horse to us we can perform all the usual routine procedures for you at the clinic.

However you will still need to book in advance as a vet may not always be immediately available on the premises.

In a small number of cases it may be deemed necessary for your horse to come to the clinic at Bourton Vale for further diagnostics, to take advantage of the facilities and equipment available here or if the vet decides intensive care or surgery are necessary.

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