Radiography (X-Rays)

Being able to take radiographs (x-rays) of your horse onsite is invaluable and at Bourton Vale we have 2 mobile x-ray machines available to our vets on the road, plus the in-house x-ray machine here at the clinic.

Digital radiography (commonly known as x-ray) is a valuable diagnostic tool used by our veterinary surgeons in various cases from lameness to dental problems, pre-purchase examinations and more.

Images are available instantly on the mobile units or the in-house machine and are stored electronically for easy access at any time in the future. They can now be forwarded easily by an email link to owners, other vets, farriers or insurance companies.

Using the mobile units, images can be taken at client’s premises, even in the field if needs be. The images on the mobile units particularly, are exceptional  and can be manipulated for brightness, contrast and clarity, inverted, rotated or enlarged all to help with a fast diagnosis, enabling the BVEC vets to treat  your horse immediately.

The mobile units are often used to assist our in surgeons in theatre for example in spinal surgeries or fracture repairs and also when injecting bursae, ensuring the needle is in the correct area.

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