Upper respiratory tract surgery

Respiratory Surgery at Bourton Vale Equine Clinic includes conditions involving the sinus and upper respiratory tract.

Most sinus surgeries nowadays are performed under standing sedation rather than under general anaesthesia. This reduces the risk to the patient as well as allowing the surgeon to operate in a more comfortable position. It is also easier for the surgeon to appreciate the relevant anatomy, and haemorrhage is reduced compared to a horse lying on its side. Depending on the condition, sinus surgery may be performed through a keyhole approach or a bone flap.

Surgery of the laryngeal region is regularly performed, most commonly in race horses. Such procedures include ventriculectomy (Hobday) and laryngoplasty (Tieback) for horses with laryngeal paralysis as well as cauterisation of the soft palate and Tie forward surgery for horses that displace their soft palate. Soft palates can be cauterised under standing sedation, as can surgery for an epiglottic entrapment and some laryngeal ventriculectomies (Hobdays).

Some conditions can be diagnosed by an endoscopic examination of the upper respiratory tract at rest. Others may require over ground endoscopy in order to reach a diagnosis.

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