Equine Gastroscopy Day (4) with Jacqui McCann BVSc, CertEM (IntMed), MRCVS

Equine Gastroscopy Day (4) with Jacqui McCann BVSc, CertEM (IntMed), MRCVS

Our next gastroscopy clinic is on Wednesday 20th June 2018.

Gastric ulceration is becoming very common and recent studies have shown that approximately 85% of racehorses, and over 50% of competition and leisure horses have gastric ulcers with a range of differing severities. Gastric ulcers are more commonly known as EGUS; Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome. 

EGUS is caused by gastric acid eroding the stomach lining which can cause ulceration and bleeding. Horses, much the same as other animals and people, release stomach acids to help break down food, but as horses are grazing animals, these acids are released constantly, even when they are not eating. Ulcers can occur in squamous mucosa (upper stomach) and glandular mucosa (lower stomach). It is important to know which type of ulceration is present so that the best and most effective treatment can be selected.  

EGUS can present itself with the following symptoms:

Poor Performance

Changes in Behaviour

Loss of Appetite

Loss of Weight/Condition


Resistance in Work/Girthing



The most effective way of diagnosis is by gastroscopy. A gastroscope is a flexible tube with a camera and a light source attached which allows the inside of the stomach to be visualised and photographed. A gastroscope is relatively easy to perform, and is completed within 15 - 20 minutes. Once the stomach has been explored, and if there are ulcers present, they are graded on a scale from 0-4. 

If your horse is diagnosed with EGUS, there are many treatments available on the market, depending on the severity of the grading. Changing your horses management can also help to treat and prevent the ulcers from worsening. 

Jacqui McCann will be performing private gastroscopy examinations at BVEC throughout the day. Each examination will be £132 per horse (inc VAT) for this occassion and will include a full report. Sedation and Medications are NOT included within the fee. Once booked in, you will receive an information leaflet detailing EGUS in more detail and the procedure regarding fasting and aftercare. Payment is required on the day at the clinic. Each client/horse will be given a time slot for their examination, and this is on a first come first served basis. 

We are also very lucky to have Richard Shuttleworth, the UK Representative for Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd to discuss the treatments we have available for EGUS on the day too! 

Please call the clinic on 01451 820137 to book your place now!

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