June Dental Month

June Dental Month

June is Dental Month at Bourton Vale Equine Clinic. Book in with us for discounted rates on dental work throughout June!


June is Dental Month at Bourton Vale Equine Clinic.

What does this mean?

Routine dental work will be provided at a 20% discount throughout June (30% discount if 3 or more horses are booked in at the same yard). A full dental report will be provided for each horse for your records. Motorised dental equipment is available as required.

What is the benefit of having your vet do your horse's dental work?

- Only a vet can sedate your horse and perform nerve blocks if required reducing the stress of the procedure for your horse and ensuring thorough, high quality work can be carried out
- Dental extractions can only be carried out by a registered veterinary surgeon by law
- Vets are able to carry out further investigations including x-rays and oroscopy (keyhole camera inserted into the mouth to explore each and every tooth!)

Telephone the clinic on 01451 820 137 to book your visit today!

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