Dental Clinic 15th November

Dental Clinic 15th November

Why not book in to our dental clinic with Mark Cubberley foor routine detal work to the more tricky cases!


We are holding our first Dental Clinic next Thursday 15th November! This will be for all dental procedures, from a routine rasp to those slightly trickier cases.

Benefits of coming in to the clinic:
- Full range of equipment including: manual and mechanical dental floats,oroscopes and X-ray.
- We are able to sedate (if required) allowing a stress free examination for your horse aswell as a thorough examination.
- Procedures such as dental extractions can be performed by a highly qualified professional with the back up of full hospital facilities.
- You will receive a full written report of findings, treatments and an on-going management plan.

Just give us a call on 01451 820137 or email us at to book in!

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